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How to use the program:

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How to use the program:

Animated GIF creation

Click Make animated GIF... to open dialogue Animated GIF creation:

Set in Width or Height the size of frame, set in Frames per second the frequency of frames. The value of 150 will make the GIF animation very fast so it is best to use a much lower value: 6,8,12,24 etc.

Check Wigwag to make the file where frames are displayed wigwag.
This is best if you want the animation to loop back and forth instead of jumping from the end to the start frame.

Check Anaglyphical image to make the stereo animation. Use Grey anaglyph to make desaturated anaglyph, Colour anaglyph for coloured anaglyphical movie. Frame shift determines the shift between frames what combine into stereo pairs. For example, Frame shift = 3 and stereo pairs are first and fourth frames, second and fifth frames etc. Anaglyphs can only be viewed in 3D using 3D red/cyan glasses!

Click Save to make gif-file.