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Полезные плагины для Фотошопа

Lenticular Art Gallery

Here you can buy different kinds of 3D images directly from the authors: lenticular print samples, and picture sets ready for making 3D lenticular prints. Each 3D picture frameset consists of a range of views taken from slightly different positions. Being placed under a lenticular sheet, this sequence makes our eye think that we see a 3D object.

Besides you can see the PSD templates. PSD template is multilayered file in Photoshop format. Every layer is one plane in 3D space. You can generate any number of views using PSD template and PSD 3D Converter. You can change the PSD template, for example, adding the portrait.

Our Authors

Andrey Chatsviartnou (2 items)
Anastasiya Andreeva (1 item)
Konstantin Arsentiev (2 items)
Roman Bagaev (1 item)
Sergey Bliznets (5 items)
StereoVID company (4 items)
Elena Cyxanova (1 item)
Dmitriy Efimoff (4 items)
Viktor Grachev (26 items)
Aleksey Izosimov (8 items)
Valera Kravtsov (1 item)
Georg Mainow (22 items)
Slava Malkov (25.12.1955-12.05.2017) (55 items)
Sergei Mukhin (29 items)
Yura Onoshko (1 item)
Oleg Savchuk (23 items)
Anton Savin (2 items)
Boris Schwarzman (7 items)
Andrey Vasil`ev (2 items)
Evgenia Wassenmiller (1 item)