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Bas-relief is intended for 2D to 3D conversion using the depth map.

The application opens two images: one is a coloured flat image, the other is its depth map, which shows us what areas are closer to us, and what are more distant. The white area is located at the foreground, the black one is at the background. Thereby, the general task is the acceptable depth map creating.

The program loads BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPEG in Greyscale, RGB, and TIFF files in CMYK and RGBA, saves TIFF files in input image's colour mode. The program saves multilayered PSD file (Split to layres button). Do not support multilayered TIFF files.

Application creates the anaglyph image, ViewMaster, Cross Eyed, several viewpoints for the lenticular image, ChromaDepth image (you need ChromaDepth glasses to see this images - www.chromatek.com). There is the batch processing too.

The program makes the splitting to the layers using the depth map levels. This PSD file may be used in PSD 3D Converter program.

New version Bas-relief 4.0 generates the 3D images using four algorithms for the filling the gaps: copy pixels, blooring, mirror pixels, in-paint algorithm.


Download the demo version 4.0 (~26 MB). Demo version makes free ChromaDepth, anaglyphical image, ViewMaster, Cross Eyed and splitting to layers. (The program could not work without the libraries from Microsoft 2010. Please, install them.)


Unzipp and run Bas-relief (x64) Setup.exe for 64-bit Windows, Bas-relief (x86) Setup.exe for 32-bit Windows. Install vcredist_x64.exe for 64-bit Windows, vcredist_x86.exe for 32-bit Windows, if these libraries are not installed.

After installation the program will be located in /Program files/Stereosoft/ folder. Click Start, choose All Programs and open Stereosoft:

Additional programs and libraries:

Please, download and install MultiViewer module.

The program could not work without the latest software libraries from Microsoft 2010 (vcredist_x64.exe for 64-bit Windows, vcredist_x86.exe for 32-bit Windows). Please, don't forget to install them. These libraries are zipped in Bas-relief archive, and you may download it here.


Tutorials "How to create the depth map": Lesson 1, 2, 3, 4...

Youtube video manuals


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