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Purpose of the program

System requirements

Glossary of Terms

How to use the program:

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Lenticular sheet type

Image type

Loading images

Output image settings (image size, resolution, alignment marks, type, arrangement)

Output image settings (interpolation and canvas rotation)

Print image

Animated GIF creation




Pitch Test

Two-flip image (settings)

3D image (settings)

Printing in Photoshop

Resulting file size limitation


How to use the program:

Output image settings

You can choose interpolation: bicubic, bilinear, by neighbour.

Bicubic, bilinear, by neighbour - different algorithms of image rescaling.

Besides, you can rotate the canvas to eliminate the moire.

Select Rotate canvas and set the necessary angle. How to define the necessary angle? Print the one frame (not an interlaced image, only one frame). Put and rotate the lenticular sheet over the dry print and find the angle with minimum moire and set this angle for rotating canvas. Set the best setting for lenticular print, highest resolution.

Moire is different to Banding - the latter being caused by another issue. To eliminate Banding Issues (not Moire), ensure you do select Bilinear interpolation either in PhotoProjector when creating the interlaced image or in Photoshop when possibly enlarging your original images.

You can read more about Moire and Banding problems in the Troubleshooting Section.