Purpose of the program

System requirements

Glossary of Terms

How to use the program:

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Lenticular sheet type

Image type

Loading images

Output image settings (image size, resolution, alignment marks, type, arrangement)

Output image settings (interpolation and canvas rotation)

Print image

Animated GIF creation




Pitch Test

Two-flip image (settings)

3D image (settings)

Printing in Photoshop

Resulting file size limitation


How to use the program:

Loading images

You can add the image files using drag-and-drop. Then click Edit queue... to edit the image list. Alternatively, click Edit queue and navigate to the directory holding your image files, then use CTRL left-mouse-click to select images to add. Click on OK when the desired range of images are hilighted.

The button Edit queue... opens the dialogue for the file list editing.

Using the button Add you can select one and more files.

Attention! The first file must be the image for the left eye

The button Clear queue erases the file list.

The button Create GIF file... is used for making an ANIMATED GIF an image file a bit like a self-contained movie file. Gif files are good to use on your web site


Example of Gif Animated File.